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Understanding Your Genre - Question/Answer Now Playing

Understanding Your Genre

Feb 01, 2010

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Understanding Your Genre - Question/Answer Q & A Discussion

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at Apr 28, 2011 - 2:11 PM

I saw it! It was atrocious! I don't know why three world-class actors could ever get themelves involved with such messy writing and filmmaking. That film is worth seeing SO you learn what NOT to do.

Sloppy Editing
Ridiculous soundtrack
Poorly developed characters and their motivations
Poor use of Image-System
Anti-climactic ending
Incoherrent story-lines.
Weak Inciting Indident
Poor use of Backstory and Exposition

Hanna has a great concept; it was trying to be in the same vein, so to speak, as: Nikita, Alias, Leon the Professional. But damn! How could they unleash this nonsense onto the the public?

Would love to know the thoughts of others who saw it.
Wikki12: Values + Controlling Idea
at Feb 27, 2011 - 8:21 PM
I am having trouble deciding what the core values of my screenplay are. All are equally 'universal' and all could be argued as being 'at stake' for the protagonist in the pursuit of his desires. Is it common to have more than one set of values around which your story is written? If so, is it important to have one as the core set of values that express the controlling idea of your story? In case it is relevant, the value(s) that seem to be relevant for my screenplay are:
Courage/Cowardice, Hope/Despair, Strength/Weakness, Control/Chaos, Loyalty/Betrayal.
Wikki12: Conscious vs Unconscious Desire
at Feb 07, 2011 - 11:13 PM
I am confused by the notion of unconscious desire. Is it imperative this is in direct conflict with the conscious desire of a protagonist? Do they need to be mutually exclusive? I have heard the concept described in so many different ways, and most recently as the conscious/unconscious desire centering around the idea that a protagonist must overcome a flaw (conscious) to achieve what he really needs (unconscious). I am currently writing a maturation plot within the fantasy genre, and grappling with whether or not to craft an unconscious desire for my protagonist or not?

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