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What is Storylogue?

Storylogue is a continuation of Robert McKee’s Story Seminar and STORY book. It expands on the concepts McKee has developed and taught for the last 25 years, but in a much more, dynamic and interactive way. 


The Q&As have been described by Storylogue members as “mini-lessons.” The Q&A is taken often times on location, impromptu when McKee is lecturing around the world. These are then edited and catalogued. These Q&As cover a variety of topics from screenwriting to fiction writing, TV development, pitching your movie, getting an agent, character development, the inciting incident, dialogue, genres, and more.


The lessons are advanced and in-depth studies by McKee and guest lecturers on a variety of topics – on Dialogue, Character, Prologues, Epilogues, Entering and Exiting Scenes, Endings and more. Each lesson is part of a multi-part study. 


The interviews have been a big hit because of the nature and tone of the talks. McKee interviews professionals in the industry – screenwriters, novelists, Broadway composers, comedians, documentary makers, actors, agents, attorneys, etc. Recent interviews have included DREW CAREY, authors Steven Pressfield (THE LEGEND OF VAGABAND), Patrick McGrath (ASYLUM, SPIDER), Ted Kotcheff (executive producer of LAW & ORDER: SVU) Joel Bernstein (CBS 60 Minutes Producer), Shawn Coyne (literary agent), Zak Penn (writer, X-MEN and INCREDIBLE HULK) and many others.

In addition to this content, Storylogue is an essential networking site for writers around the world. On Storylogue, you can create your own profile, join a number of Networking Rooms, chat with other writers around the world, and work with other writers. You are welcome to share your outlines, pages or scripts with any other writer(s) you choose for feedback.

Ultimately, Storylogue is meant to be the working writer’s practicum, a place where you can not only learn from McKee, but also network and interact with other writers around the world.

Have you invested?

For millennia, writers have invested in their craft - travelling long distances to artistic centres, attaching themselves to recognized mentors, studying great classics and attending scholarly establishments. In the digital age, keeping up with your peers and refining your skills has never been more necessary - or more possible. For a small annual sum - amounting to a weekly expenditure on a coffee and doughnut - you can now stay connected to story craft at the top of its game. In whatever medium you choose to work in - theater, cinema, television, fiction or business - Robert McKee offers you the exclusive opportunity to hone your story smarts and push your limits with dramatic insights from time immemorial. Sophocles didn't write in a vacuum - but contested annually in one of the world's great theatrical centers: Athens. Whether your goal today is Hollywood or Broadway, New York's Madison Avenue or London's West End, your personal or corporate investment in Storylogue could be the single best career decision to date. Do you love your inner gift enough to divert a marginal financial commitment to its fulfillment? 

What's your return?

For your small annual or monthly premium, you receive a unique storehouse of story skills and knowledge - from Robert McKee's own personal insights beyond his books and seminars to exclusive in-depth background from industry insiders and decision makers. Storylogue also connects you to your artistic peers in any medium, globally.

Who is your mentor?

We all have our favorite past masters and living heroes in any given story form. Taught by great dramatic practitioners such as Kenneth Rowe  (whose other alumni include Arthur Miller), Robert McKee is an old-school mentor in the best classical sense - passionate, honest and exacting - who will coach, scold, comfort and inspire you through your next story project. Storylogue is designed, written and delivered by McKee in the trademark seminar persona as dramatized in the award-winning film ADAPTATION. He is joined online by a host of other story professionals from all arts, each one also offering you their breakthrough insights and craft wisdom.

Why choose a digital platform?

Perhaps you've read the book Story, or attended the Story seminar by Robert McKee. If you've done both, you'll be already familiar with the differences between digesting the knowledge from the page and receiving it in dramatic delivery from the author himself. There's no comparison, and in fact each medium is suited to particular needs. Storylogue complements these two existing platforms by providing you with a growing gallery of craft skills and connecting you with a worldwide story community. Most of all, this online facility enables you to tackle immediate story challenges where and when you meet them in your daily practice of writing. As if you could consult your own private Aristotle on the intricacy of any given dramatic problem, you can call up specific answers to key questions as you plot and write your story project. With Storylogue, Robert McKee takes the discipline of story design one step further - into the writing act itself.

What if I become a member and don’t like Storylogue?

If you are unhappy with Storylogue for any reason, you simply cancel your membership. It’s that simple. But we know you will be so excited and enthusiastic by what Storylogue has to offer that you’ll keep your membership. There is no other site in the world like Storylogue, and there is no other voice on story and writing like Robert McKee. The people who are attracted to Mr. McKee, his book, his lectures and now Storylogue are usually writers who have that deep passion for writing that can’t be extinguished. They write not only for success, but because they have to write. It’s who they are. They have no choice. They live, eat and breathe their screenplays, their novels, their characters, their dialogue, their scenes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why we say Storylogue is the working writer’s practicum. It’s not designed for the casual weekend writer. It’s designed for people who are serious about their craft.

If I have a question, can I get a response from a real person?

Absolutely! Please e-mail shannon@storylogue.com if you have any questions.

I’m ready to join. What do I do? 

Very simple. Click Here and you’ll be enjoying Storylogue in a matter of minutes! 









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